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Meet The Team

Laura Hickman Counsellor, Therapist

Hello, I'm Laura, one of the therapists at Our Shared Space. I bring an honest and down-to-earth approach to my practice. Situated in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, I specialise in couple counselling, family counselling and individual counselling. Let me assist you in navigating through challenging times in both life and relationships. 

Sarah Stephenson Counsellor, Therapist

Hi, I'm Sarah, one of the therapists at Our Shared Space. As an LGBTQIA+ and neurodiverse affirming therapist with personal experience in these communities, I offer support for individuals, families, couples, children, and young people. My trauma-informed, culturally aware practice embraces diversity and is tailored to your unique needs. Let's take the first step together towards positive change. Get in touch - I'm here to help you on your journey.

Kirstie Casey Counsellor, Therapist

Hi, I'm Kirstie, a therapist at Our Shared Space. My passion lies in nurturing relationships. As humans, we are deeply intertwined with the connections we form. These relationships, whether they're between couples, within families or with oneself are the cornerstone of our well-being and personal growth. I am inclusive and affirming of diversity and I am committed to providing you with a safe and supportive environment to explore and grow. My approach to therapy is warm, empathetic and collaborative. I aim to create a space where you feel truly seen and understood and where we can work together towards your aspirations.  

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